Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pakistani Fashion Designers – Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week came in with a surprise when Pakistani Fashion designers Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani and Rizwan Beyg showcased their collections at the Milano Moda Donna (women’s) Spring/Summer 2010 season, organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Their collections were showcased in the New Upcoming Designers (N-U-De) Category.

The collections caught the audience off-guard, since it was different from the rest – it was all Pakistani! The theme chosen by designers was to showcase Pakistan’s culture and traditions infused in Western attire.

Maheen Khan’s Khyber Mail as she puts it, was a total depiction of the artwork, embroidery from the Khyber, and even the lovely ‘kotis’and sleek pleated shalwars worn throughout Pakistan. That was the whole idea about Khyber Mail. When Maheen puts it, she puts it well! To accentuate more Khyber style in the collection, the designer came up with a brilliant idea of accessorizing it with colorful traditional hats namely ‘pukhol’ made out of khaddar and Satin. Maheen’s prĂȘt collection was a fusion of solid catchy colors ranging from orange, white, grey, yellow and red. Fashion Guru Maheen’s Khyber Mail was purely a work of exuberance and understated elegance.

Pakistan’s Fashion Icon, Rizwan Beyg is a maestro who plays along black or white. Following his success at the Ensemble show this year, the fashion designer again chose white as his theme, to make it in contrast to Deepak’s and Maheen’s rather multi-hued collection. White has become his signature color. His collection had a more defined tilt towards Western style – long flowing skirts, revealing around the torso with most of the skirts wound with a big white bow in the front. The skirts were tremendously designed in crochet and embellished with pearls.

Another Pakistani Fashion Guru left the crowd breathless with his Pakistani themed Western collection. His collection played along the same color variations as Maheen’s, with eccentric use of local ‘dastarkhawan’ and ‘ajrak’prints, elegantly used on white fabric.

Long Sweater Trend in Pakistan

The sweater trend this season is gaining immense importance.  A long sweater coat seems to be settling as the Pakistani winter trend and people, irrespective of their age, are inclined towards following this winter trend. You could easily use it as a light-to-medium over coat and carry it with you throughout your chilly season.  A fancy scarf or even handy accessories accompanying your winter trend will add to your fashion declaration.
The best way to show off your sweater trend is to utilize rich and attractive colour schemes. But make sure that the shade selected goes with your wardrobe set for the Pakistani winter trend. Some embroidery or broche will also do for the winter trend on your long sweater.

This Pakistani winter trend has some requirements, the most important one being the length of your sweater. As the name suggests, it has to be long but how long? Firstly, you need to ensure that it is not very equally if the length is till the thighs. Dropping from the ends is preferable. Then, if you want it a few inches below your knees, it is better not to keep the sweater trend closed i.e. should be front-open. But if you are using a full length coat, it will acquire grace once it is closed from the front.
Healthy people should prefer thin sweater trend rather than thick furs as their ultimate winter trend.
Try to keep nominal with your costs. Since many branded shops sell these sweaters for a premium price, you can choose the sweater that is not very heavy i.e. help keep you away from cold and light weight enough that they can be used in early spring as well maintaining the sweater trend for a longer period.
Following are a few sweater trends for you to opt as your season’s style statement:
Naughty knits in sweater trend:
Knitwear is all over the brands carrying its shadows on the Pakistani winter trend. You will find numerous styles and designs as the sweater trend ranging from knee-length to ankle-slip to belt to front-open ones. The paramount for the sweaters is their comfy feel alongside satisfying your winter trend fashionably.    
Fur winter trend:
Imagine how mast it will look when you will walk carrying your fur-sweater trend down the street. The fox-fur or cat-tail will lay a luxurious impact on the viewers. You can accompany your presence with accessories such as fur handbags, cheetah earrings or even long boots. This will complete your stunning picture for the winter trend.
Leather sweater trend:
This is going to be a sexy addition to your winter wardrobe collection. Not only will you conquer the cold but will also place sleekness and flirty feel to your winter trend. This can be accompanied with leather skirt and high heels with a simple T-shirt. Also, this Pakistani winter trend can be worn with traditional dresses.

Latest Panel Frocks Trend 2012

The trend of women’s wear in Pakistani has totally changed. No more short shirts and half sleeves or sleeve less shirts. Half sleeves are replaced with long chooridaar sleeves. Short shirts are replaced with long A-line shirts, different styles of frocks, anarkalis. But the most recent trend is frocks with different styles of panels. Although Panel Frocks are not the new in Pakistani dresses, these were very popular in 10 to 15 years back. But now after a long time the panel frocks are re-appearing as latest Pakistani dresses. These panel frocks have been introduces with latest variations, variety & designs.

Panel frocks are of many different types, some starts from the waist attached with choli. In latest panel frocks, the panels start from shoulders cut. Panels are cut in triangles shapes. Different variations like two panel shirt, four panel shirts are part of this beautiful style dress. In wedding ceremonies or for part wear girls love to wear frocks even with eleven panels with long chooridaar sleeves.
One more trend which has been seen in panel shirts is shirt with two contrast panels. These panel shirts are not as long as eleven panel shirt and can be wear with shalwar. Panel shirts are bit more creative than other frocks and are available with beautiful embroidery, prints and panels in different colors.
To carry these frocks in stylish way increase the beauty & style of panel frocks. Although everyone likes to own latest trends but it’s not necessary every fashion is made for everyone. Just want to say that this style of frocks look more beautiful on the girls with long heights with slim figure. And it will enhance their beauty & style if they wear panel frocks with Qhussa or Kolapoori chappals. But never mind, if you are small height girl then you can enjoy this latest trend too with long heals.
No doubt our fashion industry has played important role to introduce such latest trends and designers indulge themselves to make these latest panel frocks with different & unique styles. Panel frocks of designers are available in every price range, starts from 4000 to so on. If we talk about, how long these frocks will be in trend then don’t hesitate to invest money in panel frocks, this will be in trend for coming year especially in weddings.