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girls tattoos pictures

tattoos for girls

girls tattoos pictures

If you are so proud of your motto, then why not share it to the whole world. Or if you are going through a period of change in your life and you want to constantly be reminded of that commitment, you can afford to have a reminding system installed on your skin.

tattoos for girlsWords are wonderful ways for you to express your innermost desires and dreams. And since you go out to the real world everyday, why not have that message printed on your skin in ink?

You can come up with any kind of word tattoo. The best thing about this kind of tattoo is that there is less chance of you having the same tattoo as anyon

tattoos for girls

Girl Populer Tattoo

tattoos for girls

It is no longer just for male but women of all walks of life embrace it more and more, especially the artists and actresses. Pin up girl tattoos, girl back tattoos, sexy girl tattoos, biker girl tattoos are just some of the kind of tattoos available for women. It is a fashion statement that appears on female's shoulders, stomach, neck, back, legs and ankles, also found on more private body parts. The trend is growing at a fast rate.

Why women do tattoo themselves? It is a need to express their personality and embellish a body part and most women would tell you that it is an art.

What does tattooing consist of? What is the technique used? What are the health precautions to take?

Tattooing is a technique ancestral used thousands of years ago. In those days getting tattoos meant being part of a tribe, or religion, like pirates with their skeleton image tattoo.

Hofmann's Potion : LSD Documentary

In 2002 Concepta Film finished a film called "Hofmann's Potion: The Early Years of LSD". Written and directed by Connie Littlefield and Produced by Kent Martin for the National Film Board of Canada. The documentary delves into the little known early history of the world's most notorious psychedelic.

Long before Timothy Leary urged a generation to "turn on, tune in and drop out," lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, was being used by researchers trying to understand the human mind. This documentary is a fascinating look at the story of "acid" before it hit the streets.

Featuring interviews with many LSD pioneers, Hofmann's Potion is much more than a simple chronicle of the drug's early days. With thoughtful interviews, beautiful music and stunning cinematography, it is an invitation to look at LSD, and our world, with a more open, compassionate mind.

The film features interviews with the following people :
  • Albert Hofmann
  • Myron Stolaroff
  • Stanislav Grof
  • Humphrey Osmond
  • Abram Hoffer
  • Duncan Blewett
  • Ralph Metzner
  • Ram Dass
  • Laura Archera Huxley

Download "Hofmann's Potion" (Torrent)

Reference : Conceptafilm ~ Hofmann's Potion

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

girls tattoos designs,

tattoos for girls

tattoos for girlsTattoo Girl Design : Girl Tattoo Design girls tattoos designs
is an ode to artwork in which we offer our body as a canvas to the artist's needle. Although more popular with men, tattoos have caught the attention of women, and their popularity among girls is catching up. Tattoo designs for girls are stunning and gorgeous. They highlight the feminine grace and features typical of a woman. Besides its visual appeal, tattoo designs for women have specific meanings and can be worn to denote special emotions. Although tattoos can be worn on any part of the body, most women prefer to wear them on the lower back, on the side of the hip, shoulder, legs or on the ankle. Specific foot tattoos are also in vogue.

tattoos for girls
The colors available today are great for adding flare to your tattoo. Try three different shades or colors as this brings out the shooting star tattoo designs as a more heavenly tattoo. If you want to see a review of the different Tattoo sites then go to Shooting Star Tattoo Designs and review the site. I think you will find it helpful.

girls tribal tattoos

tattoos for girlsgirls tribal tattoos

tribal lower back tattoo is cool for sexy girltribal on lower back tattos for girls

Tribal tattoos have been been practiced in one form or another for millenia. While the practice may be somewhat different nowadays there are still many who get tribal tattoos for reasons which could be described as neo-tribal in their quest to belong to a 'tribe' (either neo-tribal or traditional) even if it is on a subconscious level. Most simply get tribal tattoos because of their striking appearance

Tattoos are a common thing these days. They are more popular than ever before. Research has shown that nearly 1 in 4 people have at least one tattoo. There are many designs to choose from, giving people a chance to be creative. Below, we will take a look at some of the most popular tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoos are among the most popular designs. They have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and they are always evolving and becoming more and more complex with their designs and styles. Tribal tattoos can either be the traditional black style that cover the arms and the legs or the more colorful styles that can cover every area of the body. The colorful, more modern look is becoming more and more popular when compared to other styles.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shoulder tattoo for girl | TATTOOS FOR GIRLS

tattoos for girlsshoulder tattoo for girl

shoulder are common locations for girl's tattoos. The lower back is especially popular for butterfly tattoos. A small foot tattoo of a flower with its stem curling around a toe is a fun idea to consider.

girls cross tattoos | TATTOOS FOR GIRLS

tattoos for girls
i like it. this designs is nice unique cross tattoo ideas for girls

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girls star tattoos | TATTOOS FOR GIRLS

tattoos for girls
star tattos look nice on foot

girls arm tattoos | TATTOOS FOR GIRLS

tattoos for girlsgirls arm tattoos look beautiful. This tattoo design features the bloom of music. The branches and the maple shaped leaves. arm tattoos are regarded as a symbol of life.

K-Pax Movie : Change The Way You Look At The World

The 1995 novel by Dr. Gene Brewer becomes this ONEderful movie called K-Pax from director Iain Softley.

After a mugging incident at New York's Grand Central Station, Prot (Kevin Spacey), a man who claims to be an alien from the planet K-PAX, is turned over to a public mental hospital and the care of Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges).

When medication fails to alter Prot's insistence that he is visiting from another world on a fact-finding mission, Powell gets more involved with his patient, who seems to have a calming effect on the other residents of his ward.

At first convinced that Prot is a delusional who can be treated, Powell begins to wonder if his bizarre patient's story is true, particularly after the hospital's doctors find that Prot possesses the baffling ability to see ultraviolet light. As the date grows nearer when Prot claims he must leave Earth (a "class BA-III planet"), Powell becomes increasingly concerned that a psychiatric breakthrough must occur by then. K-PAX (2001) co-stars Alfre Woodard and Mary McCormack.

Reference : All Movie Guide

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