Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Reasons Why Women Can Not Lose

Many women are trying to lose weight and diet to work, but almost all women can become so thin. The researchers found some of the psychological reasons why women can not lose weight even if they want it so much. Many of us have already experienced: eat less, to avoid late dinners, work on an almost daily basis, but you can not get life, you want a thin and light. Here is why.

September # 1 Why women can not lose weight

The first reason why women can not have an unconscious desire to lose weight every woman should be reinforced. This means that it must feel great and powerful - this is enough to solve the problems. Sometimes it is not only a psychological sense, but also the physical, he eats more.

Reason # 2 Why women can not lose weight

The second reason is shyness. Obesity is a kind of general protection for many women. Under this layer can often find a skeptic. Scientists say that when there is "too much" for you, help you cope.

Reason # 3 Why women can not lose weight

The psychological trauma can also be the reason to prevent women from losing weight. Those who like a child victim of an unpleasant incident, because of its lack of appeal, you do not want the attention unconsciously. And the best way to avoid attention, is weight gain.

Reason 4 Why women can not lose weight

Many women like to talk about how the fight against overweight and there is no way they can get rid of it. Scientists say that women do for others what I feel for them.

5 reasons why women can not lose weight

Another reason women can not lose weight, lack of enjoyment of life. When a woman is in a bad mood, only to improve nutrition.

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