Friday, September 30, 2011

Idea for wearing a poodle skirt

f you are planning to get a 1950s look, a poodle skirt can easily help you to achieve this. Here are few ideas for wearing this dress to look good.
1. Try a ruffled petticoat or slip under your skirt and s slip along with a drawstring waist. Try to use about 2 tiers of ruffles to get the best effect.
2. Wear a blouse which is short-sleeved to complement the skirt. For dark color skirts, you can wear a white or light-colored blouse to look good.
3. Wear a scarf around the neck and make the end of the scarf to hang down. The scarf color must match the color of your poodle skirt.
4. Finally try a pair of white and canvas lace-up shoes along with a pair of white bobby socks.

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