Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beauty After 25

Beauty After Twenty five

A woman having a perfect, petal smooth and rosy complexion is the envy of all women. Wherever she goes, heads turn in her direction in admiration. Such a complexion cannot be acquired without an effort. It has to be cultivated slowly and gradually by nurturing it carefully from within and without. Up to the age of 25 the skin is naturally supple, glowing and alive, but it is after the mid twenties that the skin slowly starts losing its fresh and youthful appearance and acquiring a parched look. This is because the cells deep within the skin layers are no longer able to retain their moisture and the beauty of the skin mainly depends upon the moisture contained in the cells.
The skin which cannot retain its moisture turns dry, rough, dull and wrinkled. Therefore in order to avoid looking prematurely old, you should try to observe a basic skin care routine after you pass your mid twenties so that the cells in your skin can retain maximum moisture and your skin remains firm, moist and young right up to old age.
Some people believe erroneously that moisturizing creams and lotions alone will keep the moisture level of the skin in perfect balance. No surface addition of moisture and no man made lubricant will help you unless you look after the inner life of your skin where beauty and youth really begin. Therefore, if you want to stimulate your cells to activity for a new look and the feel of youth, feed it regularly with a diet rich in proteins and vitamins B and C. Also, take at least six glasses of water every day, one glass of carrot juice and one pint of either milk or buttermilk. Besides looking after the inner life of your skin, you should also look after its outer life.
It is a good idea to use homemade moisturizing cream regularly after the age of 25 onwards, because this cream helps keep the skin soft, dewy and alive. But before applying any cream, remove all traces of makeup with homemade cleansing cream. Foundation cream is not soluble in water and does not come off even with soap. Therefore, a cleansing cream is a must for removing every trace of makeup and grime sooty and coaly dirt. To make the cream take one tablespoon of gram flour and mix to a paste with cream of milk. Stir in a few drops of lime juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well and apply it with your finger-tips over your face and neck. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rub your face vigorously with your hands. The paste will go on falling as you rub. Remove the clinging paste with hot water, splash on cold water. Blot dry and then apply this homemade cream on the face and neck.
Blanch and grind four almonds, one walnut, a couple each of peanuts and charoli to a very smooth paste. Mix in tour tablespoons of cream of milk, two melted. tablespoons of cucumber juice and one table spoon each of honey and rose water. Mix well and store in a small bottle. Massage it on the face and neck in circular upward movements firmly and gently.
This cleansing cream should not be just patted on the skin but it should be rubbed hard into the skin so that the oils it contains are picked up by the glands. But be careful with the areas around the eyes. Pat the cream lightly using the middle finger tip under and around the eyes. Leave the cream on for half an hour and then remove with tissue paper what the skin has not absorbed. This cream will not only give you a normal skin which is neither dry nor greasy but at the same time it will give your skin a natural glow, the look of health and feel of youth.
After you cross 25 use only moisture laden foundation creams because they not only protect a dry skin and help maintain a normal skin but also protect the skin from wind, sun, cold and dust. Use a special moisturizing pomade stick on your lips before applying your lipstick and apply over it a little lip gloss to keep them soft and pretty.
If you take regular care of your skin after you have passed your mid twenties by feeding it with a sensible diet and using moisture laden creams, the cells of your skin will be supplied with ample moisture to keep it supple, soft and wrinkle free. Your skin will have a smooth surface that is neither oily nor dry with a glow of health that stems from good blood circulation, regular care, regular attention and excellent general health.

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