Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maori Tattoos

In the olden days, the Maori men would wear the tatuaggi tribali not only on their faces but on their thighs and behinds too. In contrast, the women would have their lips and chins decorated with tattoos lines.

If you go through the foto tatuaggi Maori you will learn many things about the wearer as to the tribe of which he is a member, the religion he or she follows and the position and standing he or she enjoys within their tribe. If you are interested in going for a tatuaggi tribali make sure that you choose one which does not have the distinctiveness of the Maori tribe and which has a meaning to the Maoris.

The prevailing tatuaggi tribali communicates individualism, grace and sophistication and are found to be pretty well-liked by all tattoo fans. A quick look at the foto tatuaggi Maori will tell you that they denote high regard, bravery and surrender as in the olden days getting a tattoo or tatuaggi was a very long and agonizing procedure. The tatuaggi Maori are very beautiful and imaginative and come shaped like a whirl or curve. Some of them are combined with Celtic tattoos to arrive at even better new patterns.

The tatuaggi Maori lines are known to be the major foundation of tribal arts all over the world as they have their own distinctiveness in the Polynesian arts. Rather than on the face, the tatuaggi tribali look very attractive on the shoulder. If you take a look at the tatuaggi Maori you will see that most of the tattoos are large or medium sized and are available in different shapes and colors or simply black and white depending on the taste of each lover of body art. Once you get your tattoos done, it is very expensive to reverse the process and also extremely painful, so make sure that you select the right tatuaggi tribali so you can be happy with it for life.

Before you visit a tattoos parlor, make sure you have seen enough foto tatuaggi Maori to help you make the perfect decision. This will avoid you having to make up your mind at the very last minute and save you from making some rash and hasty decisions. The internet too has quite a few websites where you can browse through the immagini tatuaggi tribali and select the perfect one for you.

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